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The Bechdel Test @ BATS Improv

  • BATS Improv B350 Fort Mason Center San Francisco, CA 94123 (map)

Women are far-too-often represented insufficiently in works of fiction and entertainment.

Yes, even now.
Yes, improv included.

BATS responds with a show that seeks to do the revolutionary:
put complicated women at the centers of stories.


The Bechdel Test borrows its name from a set of criteria made famous by cartoonist Alison Bechdel,
asking whether there is:
1) any scene in a movie in which
2) two women talk to one another
3) about something other than a man. 

A surprising number of films fail this simple test.

Our show takes a look at the complex lives of women who stand alone as main characters rather than being accessories in the lives of their male counterparts.  We seek to recognize and celebrate the many sides of a life: tender and fierce, traditional and counter-culture, buttoned-up and carefree, insecure and badass. 

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The Bechdel Test @ BATS Improv
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The Bechdel Test @ BATS Improv